Wide Open Spaces – Vaulted Clearspan Truss

Looking for a building that offers maximum overhead clearance and wide open, column-free spaces? The Web Steel Building Northwest’s Vaulted Clearspan Truss may be the solution you need.

With the Vaulted Clearspan design, we offer 24’ up to 80’ clearspan, and up to 26 feet tall. Engineered to distribute the weight and thrust of the roof downwards for increased stability and strength, the Vaulted Clearspan Truss eliminates the need for massive truss assemblies and beams required by load bearing walls in traditional wood construction. Our more efficient building system allows greater distances between frames and wider overhead doors in the sidewalls.

High Strength, Low Maintenance

Steel is stronger than wood, dimensionally stable and non organic. In other words, it won’t rot, warp, split, crack, creep, expand or contract with moisture content. Say good-bye to wood posts! With our Web Steel Building Northwest frames you’ll never have to worry about termites or dry rot. All of this adds up to a more cost-effective and stable building over a long period of time. There is another long-term benefit with steel: It is a sustainable building material. Steel indefinitely maintains its strength and integrity, meaning it can be recycled again and again.

Solid Choices

The size and type of girts (horizontal stud wall onto which siding is fastened), or purlins (onto which roofing is fastened), depends on the physical loads, current building codes, environment and purpose associated with your building. Wood girts and purlins are more economical and take advantage of conventional framing techniques for doors, windows, insulation and interior walls. Optional steel girts and purlins will provide additional strength and resistance if you need to comply with rigid fire codes and insurance requirements. Talk with a Web Steel Buildings Northwest project manager to determine which option is best for you.

Easy Assembly

Web Steel Buildings Northwest buildings are precision designed and manufactured for quick and easy bolt-together assembly. They include complete comprehensive structural plans stamped by our licensed engineers, along with concrete foundation design and building calculations. This makes permit approval and communication with contractors easier. Your building will be engineered specifically for your site to the most recent International Building Code (IBC). Whether you decide to construct your own building or hire a contractor, you’ll have the structural plans you need to apply for your permit. Next, you or your contractor provide the concrete foundation according to the foundation plan. FInally, your building package will ship direct from our Sandy, Oregon plant, with everything you need to construct your Web Steel Building Northwest building, from frames to fasteners.

Popular Options Include
Additional entry doors • Awnings • Custom concrete foundation design • Custom roof pitch • Double glaze window • Eave lights • Extended eaves • Fire rated doors • Gable end vents • Loft/mezzanine • Oversized entry doors • Skylights • Soffits • Steel canister doors • Steel overhead doors • Steel slider doors • Vinyl windows

Colors Available