Delta Truss

Delta Truss Steel Buildings

Designed as quick-to-permit, fully engineered kits.

Ideally suited for ‘do-it-yourselfers’. Garages, Work Shops, RV Storage, and Small commercial installations.

Simplified Construction Process

Web Steel Buildings Northwest’s Delta Truss system is designed with the owner/builder in mind, whose requirements can be met with a 16’-30’ wide building that’s 16’ or less in eave height. They are precision designed and manufactured for quick and easy bolt-together assembly, and packaged in kit form to save labor, time and money.

Innovative Design, Conventional Finish

Steel is stronger than wood, and the Delta Truss Building system utilizes steel where it matters most: the trusses and columns. The main frame is all steel, with wood wall girts and roof purlins. This offers the do-it-yourselfer the strength of steel and the versatility of wood: simple bolt-together steel trusses and columns, plus a wood sub-frame that allows you to use conventional construction techniques to insulate, finish and install doors and windows.


You can install electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, cooling systems, Entry and garage doors, concealed fastener steel or composition roofing, virtually any type of aesthetic feature to accommodate building codes and local covenants. There are no load bearing walls, which means that if your needs change down the road, your building design can too.

Color Options