Prefabricated steel buildings offer clear advantages over conventional wood framed structures used for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications. These advantages are significantly compounded in metal buildings designed with a vaulted clearspan truss system. The advantages of metal buildings designed with a vaulted clearspan truss system can be classified into several groups.

Advantages of Steel Buildings over Conventional Wood Framed Construction

  • With the significant increase in lumber prices durable steel buildings can be constructed at an overall cost competitive to conventional wood framed structures.
  • Large interior clearspans without vertical support columns can be achieved utilizing the high strength and rigidity of steel members. This can not be cost effectively achieved with wooden truss construction.
  • Steel building systems include engineered plans and specifications for submittal to the local building department for review and approval. This eliminates additional fees required for architectural design followed by engineering fees required to perform the structural calculations also required by the building departments.
  • Steel building construction and components can often allow theses structures to more easily and cost effectively meet stringent commercial fire codes and requirements.

Advantages of Vaulted Clearspan Truss Systems over Conventional Webbed Truss Systems

  • Vaulted clearspan truss systems eliminate the wasted overhead space associated with full depth (webbed) wood or steel truss systems. Vaulted clearspan truss systems coupled with 10’ to 22’ eave heights allow unlimited interior design options including construction of loft and multi-level areas that can be utilized for additional storage, shop or office space.

Advantages of Steel Buildings over Pole Buildings

  • No direct wood to ground contact. Steel buildings are constructed on a reinforced concrete foundation eliminating replacement and/or repair of deteriorating poles typical with pole structures.
  • Wall girts are installed perpendicular (on edge) to the metal siding which provides adequate space for installation of R-19 insulation and allows the interior to be easily sheathed with plywood or sheetrock without the additional framing or furring required to properly insulate and sheath a typical pole structure.

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