Her Testimonial

Web Steel of Washington has helped up through this process of a new building. We were “Relocated” by Cowlitz County in Washington. My husband, Dean – a quadriplegic – had a beautiful shop (man cave) in our former location. Unfortunately, because we had a pole building, it wasn’t able to tear down and relocate. There wasn’t this type of shop at our new location. However, Dean had gotten a great recommendation by a friend who is also a Web Steel building owner – to check out their buildings. He did, and we purchased a 36 x 48 shop – the same size from our former home. A HUGE help to us was Randy Jarvis at Web Steel. He “walked” my husband through a lot. Thanks Randy and Thanks Web Steel. We had our FINAL inspection today (8-21-19) and it feels so good! I believe Dean will love this shop as much …. or possibly even better…. than his former shop.


“Jan ….. A Happy Wife!”

His Testimonial

My wife and I recently purchased a 36’ x 48’ building from “Web Steel of Washington”.  The building is complete and has been approved by the appropriate inspectors and organizations. I want to take a few minutes to describe what had to occur to build and finish this building. First, and I believe very important, was the high level of communication established from Day One (Thanks!  Randy Jarvis) Quality Control was excellent.  The product was ready for pick-up on time.  No manufacturing errors, no shortages, no fitting problems. Drawings and Assembly details were concise and well detailed.

Good Job Guys!  I enjoyed working with you!

Dean (“Dean… The Happy Husband”)