Beautiful steel building red with white doors

Are you trying to decide between stick-built versus steel framed?

If so, here are a few points to help you:
–Steel buildings provide long-term consistent performance. Steel framing will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep.
–Steel framing is not vulnerable to termites.
–Steel framing does not expand or contract with moisture content.
–Steel framing is produced in strict accordance with national standards, and has no regional variations.
–Steel framing (versus wood) improves design efficiency. Building time and costs are reduced.
–Steel is noncombustible, so will not contribute to the spread of fire.
–Steel framing provides environmental benefits and complies with sustainable building standards.
–Web Steel Buildings Northwest designs your building for your snow, wind and seismic classifications, giving you comfort in knowing your building is as strong as it needs to be for all Mother Nature will hand you. If you want to side your building in something other than steel, that’s fine too.

These are just a few of the benefits and advantages. Please call or email us today for more information, and to get a quote for your new building.

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