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Our lease program is designed to help you get your Web Steel Building with a minimal amount of cash up front and with affordable monthly payments.

Why Lease?

  • Preserve your capital.
  • Keep those bank lines free.
  • Fixed monthly payments.
  • Fast approvals.
  • Tax advantages. Lease payments may be fully deductible. Contact your local advisor.
  • No loan fees.
  • We do not lien your property. Our only collateral is the metal building.

Strong Relationships Create Success
For over 25 years we have assisted customers to achieve their dream of having the best equipment possible. We are 1st Independent Leasing Inc. and we are here to serve you! Call us toll free: 800.926.0851 and ask for Rosanne Wilson.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can a self-employed person lease?
Professionals, small business owners and one-person companies may apply for leasing.
What if I operate my business from home?
Not a problem. It is quite popular today to operate a successful business from the home.
What about payments and terms?
Leasing companies today will custom tailor the term and monthly payment to fit the client’s budget. You can take up to seven years to pay. There are other programs, such as seasonal payments, and step-up and step-down payments, deferred payments, and many other programs to assist each client with the uniqueness of each person’s business.
What can I expect if I apply for a lease?
• Applications under $50,000 require only our simple one-page application. NO financial statements or tax returns (if qualified).
• Applications over $50,000 will require two years complete tax returns and a personal financial statement (if qualified).
• There are no loan fees to apply!
• Approvals take two or three days on buildings under $100,000, and about five days on buildings over $100,000.
• Strong relationships are the foundation of success.

Web Steel Buildings Northwest has built their stellar business reputation on customer satisfaction. At 1st Independent Leasing, we do not take those relationships lightly.

Building 2We have been helping Web Steel’s customers achieve their new building dreams since Web Steel Buildings Northwest started manufacturing metal buildings.

Located in Beaverton Oregon, 1st Independent Leasing, Inc., is headed by President Rosanne Wilson, CLP. She is a member of the national Association of Equipment Lease brokers, the Better Business Bureau, Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, and has been listed in ‘Who’s Who’ since 1991.

Along with 25 years of financial and lease experience in the Northwest, Rosanne has extensive knowledge of Web Steel Buildings Northwest and its products. By attending meetings and maintaining consistent contact with the Web sales team, Rosanne is more than a leasing agent: She is an extension of the team.

Please send any technical comments and questions about our buildings to Web Steel Buildings NW LLC:  Contact Web Steel Buildings