It doesn’t take a Miracle to get a good deal on a pre-engineered metal building


Web Steel Buildings Northwest vs. Miracle Truss

We frequently receive inquiries from people interested in researching our building systems after having contacted Miracle Truss Buildings in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They are usually price checking to make certain they are getting the best building package possible for the best price. They are always surprised to learn that we provide a complete building package as opposed to the truss and cladding only package of Miracle Truss…and for less money!

Below you will find a few current and prior advertised specials from Miracle Truss.

When comparing the numbers please keep in mind that our building packages include all the lumber, structural plans and foundation design for either a monolithic slab or piers stamped by a licensed engineer, and one steel entry door. Miracle Truss supplies none of these, or for an additional fee. The approximate additional cost to the Miracle Truss customer of the lumber package required is shown in parentheses. Web Steel Buildings Northwest can also provide large doors, more personnel doors, windows, insulation and numerous aesthetic and custom features for additional fees.

Miracle Truss Web Steel Buildings Northwest

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And it may well be worth noting that our buildings listed here are designed for a minimum 35# ground snow load and 120 mph exposure C wind. Also, we manufacture our trusses at our facility in Sandy, Oregon. Miracle Truss has their trusses manufactured in southern Missouri.

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